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  • TaxiTPayroll® is a cloud-based payroll obligation manager that provides you an end to end experience in the computation, payment, remittance, analysis and general management of the six (6) categories of payments that is required of the average payroll function in Nigeria
  • TaxiTPayroll

  • TaxiTPay® is a payment channel specifically for the disbursement of Net salaries, Pensions to different PFAs, Taxes and other statutory deductions.
  • TaxiTPay

  • Today in Nigeria, at least 80% of taxpayers still rely on tax consultants and managers to manage their tax information, of course at usually exorbitant costs. This has been one of the factors among a myriad of others that have discouraged tax compliance to a large extent.
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TaxTech develops its tax management products with the needs of all primary stakeholders in the tax space duly taken into account. The twin pillars of Effectiveness and Efficiency, both in terms of cost and time, remain the more common denominators for all our products.

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Currently a subsidiary of Taxaide Professional Services Limited (“Taxaide”), TaxTech and Taxiade, bring to bear, over 40 combined years of core tax management experience in building your dependable Tax Manager