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We Lead from the Front

TaxTech develops its tax management products with the needs of all
primary stakeholders in the tax space duly taken into account.
The twin pillars of Effectiveness and Efficiency, both in terms of cost and
time, remain the more common denominators for all our products

TaxiTPayroll® is a tax optimized payroll manager that provides the user an end-to-end experience in the computation, remittance, analysis and general management of the six required payment categories for the execution of a legally compliant payroll function in Nigeria.

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TaxiTPay® is a payment gateway for the remittances of tax and other related payments to or on behalf of the taxpayer. With TaxiTPay®, you can securely pay employees’ salaries, remit taxes, pay vendors, remit to pension fund administrators and so on with real-time notification and receipt generation.

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TaxiTWithhold® is a cloud-based vendor-related payments and obligations manager that provides an efficient and effective withholding tax management and compliance process. TaxiTWithhold® effectively takes into account the complexities of the Withholding Tax (WHT) management process in Nigeria.

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TBook® is a mobile and web application that provides you financial services while entertaining and informing you. It serves as your companion to monitor all financial transaction carried by (or for) you on any of our solutions.

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CITApp® is a system that demystifies the complexities around CIT computations and makes the process of computation, preview, modification, and report generation a breeze as far as company taxes and other related levies are concerned.

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TaxiTManager® is an Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Software developed for task management by employees and employers. It involves planning, tracking, and reporting of projects to help either employers and employees achieve goals.

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Data Protection Compliance

Why Choose Us?

Taxtech is one of Nigeria's foremost Data Protection Compliance Organisation. It was listed by the National Information Technology Development Authority (NITDA) as a Licensed Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) with license ID NITDA/DPCO/0005 in July 2019.
Our services include but not limited to

  • Data protection planning and advisory
  • Privacy breach impact assessment
  • Training on Data Protection & Privacy
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment planning

Taxtech is an ISO 27001:2013 Certified Organization


Taxtech is an ISO 27001:2013 Certified Organization for the following scope: