Automation – The Gift And The Curse Part 3

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It feels good to be back here. We continue with the third and final part of our series, Automation: The Gift and the Curse. Let us have a quick refresher before we dive in. Last week, I took us on the automation journey from the angle of taxation and how automation has helped to drive ease of compliance. I also mentioned one of Taxtech’s innovative solutions, TaxiTPay and its unique features. You can read HERE.

So, on to the big question; can automation also be a curse? The response to this would largely depend on what side of the divide you stand. For instance, in the early 1990s, we had a lot of confidential secretaries whose main tool of operation was the typewriter. The best among them could type between 40 to 60 words per minute on this beautiful device and it was a delight to watch them do their magic on the typewriter with the routine strokes and the frequent adjustment of the carriage return lever as they moved to the next line or paragraph on the paper. Today, the typewriter is almost seen as an artefact and a reminder of the good old days. The computer has totally retired the typewriter. For someone whose skills never got developed beyond the ability to use a typewriter, the advent of the computer would definitely not be a good development.

If there’s anything automation has brought to our world, it is the realisation of the need for people to continually innovate and reinvent themselves especially in the constantly changing workplace. Automation has come to prove to the world that machines are capable of replacing humans and carry out work in a faster, easier and more efficient manner. This is where ‘the curse of automation’ seems to rear its head if you choose to look at it from that angle. This is basically a ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’ situation. Rather than see the downsides to automation and how it has made more people redundant and irrelevant, we could look at the upsides and use the reality of automation as a springboard to sharpen our skills, innovate and get better at our crafts so we can stay continue to stay relevant. The quest for continual relevance in the world of automation should be seen as a marathon and not a sprint.

Still in the business of automation, Taxtech’s Automated Data Protection Audit Platform (iDAP) is one solution you need to take time to explore. Our quest to automate the processes and procedures for data protection compliance necessitated the development and deployment of two platforms – iDAP and RDB. While iDAP allows you carry out seamless data protection compliance audits and assessments, RDB allows you report any data breaches you may have suffered as an individual or as an organization and get that needed closure or justice. iDAP is available on: and RDB is available on:

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