Five Reasons Why You Should Take Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing Seriously.

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In today’s modern world, you need to make sure that your digital assets are secure from
malicious attacks. Every business needs to do both a vulnerability assessment and
penetration testing to ensure that all their valuable data remains safe.
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is a critical component of your overall
network security because it helps you to understand the effectiveness of your current
cybersecurity controls, measure and prioritize risk within your organization, and benchmark
your security posture against industry standards.
A Vulnerability Assessment is a method of identifying and quantifying vulnerabilities in a
system or network. It will allow you to find these flaws before they are exploited by hackers.
It should be performed regularly to ensure that newly introduced vulnerabilities are identified,
and that previously discovered vulnerabilities have not been introduced again.
A Penetration Test will take the Vulnerability Assessment a step further, attempting to exploit
the vulnerabilities to gain access to sensitive data. This is usually performed by ethical
hackers, who operate within the limits set by your organization’s policy for such tests.
It’s best to think of a penetration test as a follow-up to an initial vulnerability assessment. As
the name implies, this is a type of testing where the aim is to identify existing vulnerabilities
in an application or network. These tests are typically carried out by external security experts
who have no prior knowledge of the target system’s design and implementation.
Here are some of the reasons why you should conduct a vulnerability assessment and
penetration test:

  1. Security
    The number one reason to conduct a pen test or vulnerability assessment is security. The
    first step to improving your cybersecurity posture is knowing what you need to fix.
  2. Regulatory Compliance
    Every industry is different, but most industries have regulations that require annual
    penetration tests or vulnerability assessments. If you’re conducting your own assessments
    and penetration tests, you’ll be able to make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest
  3. Improve Your Defences

Over time, your network will become more secure and less vulnerable to attack. Every year
that goes by without a breach makes you feel safer and more confident in your security
defences. But this confidence can be a trap, because it leads many companies to stop
testing their systems for vulnerabilities.

  1. Continuity of operations
    You need 24/7 communication, network availability, and access to resources to ensure your
    business operations are always up and running. Even the smallest disruption can be
    devastating. You can protect your operations from unexpected downtime or loss of
    accessibility by conducting penetration tests. An audit of business continuity is quite similar
    to a penetration test in this regard.
  2. To gain a clear understanding of your current situation
    Penetration tests are performed by ethical hackers who attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities
    found during the vulnerability assessment phase. The results from the penetration test will
    provide insight into how a malicious hacker would be able to break through your defences,
    allowing you to react quickly in case of a breach. Penetration testing also helps identify
    whether a firewall or other intrusion prevention system (IPS) is properly configured.
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