Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing: Securing Your Business!

As an executive of your organization, you must make sure that there is a risk
assessment conducted by qualified professionals to ensure that your company
doesn’t fall victim to any malicious hacker. This article will provide insight into how
vulnerability assessments and penetration tests work and why they are vital for any
Vulnerability assessment or vulnerability scanning is the process of searching for
weaknesses in an IT system. It refers to evaluating the security state of a computing
device, network, application, or any other IT entity. Penetration testing is the initial
phase of ethical hacking which focuses on active cyber threats. Penetration testing
goes beyond vulnerability scanning and focuses on identifying active threats,
unauthorized users, malicious insiders, socially engineered attacks, and physical
threats against high-value assets.
Why Do We Need To Analyse Vulnerabilities?
In the aftermath of building information technology infrastructure, the main objective
of any organization is to safeguard its information networks and to prevent
unauthorized access to their confidential information. Therefore, vulnerability
assessment checks for system weaknesses and flaws. System accreditation, risk
assessment, network auditing, compliance checking, and continuous monitoring may
be included in the objective of Vulnerability Assessment. The most common reasons
behind vulnerability are weak passwords, flaws in systems, or improper
configurations and human mistakes such as, inappropriate permissions assigned to
users, inappropriate network design etc.
Why Penetration Testing?
Penetration testing is a very important measure that ensures that a company’s
network is secure and compliant with the latest security guidelines. Thus, in
performing penetration tests on systems, it attempts to leverage the vulnerabilities
found, and there is no means to determine what risks the network system is exposed
to because of those vulnerabilities. We can divide the reasons for performing
penetration testing into two categories
a) Operational Perspective of Penetration Testing
In penetration testing, we identify and assess vulnerabilities to determine appropriate
security procedures. In this manner, we will be able to eliminate threats, take
corrective and preventive measures, and quickly identify potential vulnerabilities.
During the process of vulnerability assessments, we identify potential risks through
penetration testing so they can be addressed proactively through patches.
b) Business Perspective of Penetration Testing
Penetration testing prevents financial losses caused by the failure of IT
infrastructure. Penetration testing is used to identify and categorize the possible risks
that could threaten the security of the organization. This will allow the organization to
protect its assets and confidential data from unauthorized access and ensure the
safety of its information.

Data and Information security can no longer be taken for granted and various
measures are being taken across the globe to mitigate against the challenges. The
potential impact of these attacks on the financial and operational status of
businesses has necessitated have made it almost criminal not to have cybersecurity
measures and protocols in place. Taxtech is also at the forefront of the conversation
in providing cybersecurity services to its clients.
Our Cybersecurity Services include:
 Network Security Monitoring
 Cybersecurity Audit Services
 Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services
 Cybersecurity Consulting Services
 Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services
 Cybersecurity training Services
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